Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trash the Dress Feature

Here is where the concept of Trash the Dress began. Alt F Photography, I'm excited everytime I see they have posted a new set of photos on their blog. Amazing...simply amazing. Trash the Dress

Here's the link to the Alt F blog.

...and here's the link to the version I did with Angee. I call it Dirty White Dress. If you know someone who is interested in doing a shoot like this, I'm in, just shoot me an e-mail. kariannekarianne@yahoo.com


Jessica said...

Your pictures are beautiful!! Where is that old house its so awesome? and in those pictures of James and his girlfriend where is that line of trees it beautiful too!!

KariAnne and Benny said...

Thank you Jessica. That is an old schoolhouse and its about 45 minutes out of Burbank if you're headed towards Dayton.