Monday, November 2, 2009

~Demiter Family~

Here is Melissa, Scott and Zak. Although I've known Melissa since middle school I never really realized until I did their family pictures last year how stunningly blue her eyes are with her dark hair. Holy moly, I took their photos last year at the park and when I was editing them I was like whoa; awesome! Looking at the photos this year it again just blows me away how awesome they look and even more so with her blue shirt. Beautiful!

Zippity Zak, what more can I say, he is so fun and full of energy and so squeezeable cute. He came to the session full of smiles and ready to run the show, but by the end he was all smiled out, doesn't make him any less handsome but fun to watch as Melissa tried to bribe a few last smiles with chocolate bars. Hey, whatever works...and it did! He always makes me smile and this time was no exception.

So much fun to spend time with your family! Hope you enjoy your photos.

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mdemiter said...

Kari - These are great! Even the one with Zak pouting turned out cute (next time we just need to work on my Dad's pout :) LOL)! Thanks again! I can't wait to see the rest of the pics!