Thursday, January 1, 2009


I have been dying to post these photos of my niece Masynn for months now! One afternoon in October Masynn and I went to John Dam Plaza and Howard Amon Park both in Richland and took these pictures. It was our secret Christmas mission. I've been waiting until after Christmas so that my sister KasiAnne wouldn't see them since the pictures were a present to her. Let me tell you, Masynn is an excellent secret keeper. She didn't say a word until KasiAnne and Mike opened their collage frame from Masynn on Christmas morning. What a fun day we had! Masynn is such a fun kid, not to mention beautiful (although I may be a little biased). I look forward to doing these again for her someday as a senior...but I can wait, she doesn't need to grow up too fast you know!


Candie said...

Those are so great!! She is so damn pretty! That hair.... oooohhhh if only.......!!! :-)

The Murphy Family said...

Those are perfect! What a beautiful little lady!

hatch said...

These pictures turned out beautiful!! I love the ones of her with that mosiac background. Stunning!!