Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cheryl and Baby Johanna

I met Cheryl's husband Terry years ago when first moving back from my first round of college because he was a friend of my brother-in-law's. He used to ask me to sew his rank patches onto his Army uniforms and occassionally I would sew up holes in his jeans. I first met Cheryl when I returned a pair of his mended pants oh about a year or more after he had first asked me to fix them.

Terry is in the Army and is currently serving our great country in Iraq. He is scheduled to be there through August. It makes me sad for all 3 of them that he has missed the pregnancy, will miss his baby girl's birthday and won't get to meet her until late April when he has a few weeks of leave.

It was fun with Cheryl this afternoon, her photos are stunning, you can see just how excited she is in her face. Next time I see her I can't wait to meet lil' baby Johanna!

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