Monday, April 27, 2009

~Tawni & Steve~ Engagement

Tawni is my best friend from high school and we didn't even go to the same school, we were in the same grade level but went to rival high schools and I am exactly one week older than her. We met in the 10th grade, our sophomore year when we became the homecoming dates of two best friends, neither one of us was even driving yet. The guys thought it would be fun to get together and watch a movie and from the moment the three of them arrived at my house to pick me up we have been friends. It was instantaneous, a 'you had me at hello' kind of thing!

You cannot help but love Tawni, she is the sweetest most lovable person I know and would be and has been there for me whenever I need her. She recently asked me to be the maid-of-honor in her wedding and I happily accepted the honor! Tawni and Steve met years ago, I think she told me its been 14 of them now! They were engaged once before and broke things off and eventually realized they were meant to be together. I am super excited for the both of them and couldn't be happier for their upcoming nuptials.

This last weekend I was in Oregon near Portland where they live to co-host her bridal shower and bachelorette party. I of course had to take their engagement shots for them. I will be holding my honorable post during the wedding and therefore not their wedding photographer, but you can guarantee I will be putting up some smokin' pics from it. Like I wouldn't be taking pictures at their wedding, duh!! Here are my faves from their shoot. I hope you enjoy them like I do. I just absolutely love the first one! It might be my fave.

The pictures were taken in their yard which also happens to be the location of their wedding and the reception. All the old construction implements...a photographers dream. So many backdrops so little time! You can see even more of their photos on their blog Tawni and Steve.

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Candie said...

How do you make some of them with the blurry background?