Saturday, May 2, 2009

~Miss Emily~

Emily is the adorable daughter of a high school friend of mine, Tamra. This morning when I met up with these lovely ladies Tamra and I were trying to figure out other than just going to high school together how in the world did we actually meet...we pretty much narrowed it down to Young Life. So...long story short I've known Tamra since about the 10th grade or so and it was great to see her and meet the beautiful Miss Emily this morning.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love freckles? Well I do and check out how adorable they are on this cutie! She was so sweet and such a perfect model for me, even with the rain just trying to get started and the cloudy skies she was game for whatever I had her do and such a good listener. Thanks for the great morning ladies! I hope you love these fantastic photos!!


hatch said...

She is adorable. These pictures are great. I am ready for you to do some of me and my kids. I will call you.

Candie said...

Those are some great pictures!!! Tamra doesn't look familiar to me?!?!?!