Friday, November 14, 2008

Victor & Dominique - The Big Day!!!

As you'll notice, my post just prior to this one is of Scott & Angela. Anglea is Dominique's daughter and how I ended up taking photos for Victor & Dominique's wedding. She loved Angela's photos and asked me to do her's. This was my first official gig where I was THE photographer. I was excited, anxious and a bit nervous, overall I think their photos came out very well. Like with Angela & Scott's photos, so difficult to pick a favorite. The flower girl with those big brown, so pretty and so sweet. I think in the end however the picture of Dominique and Angela with those big blue eyes kinda sold me.

I had to post the picture of the guys in front of the strech hummer. Victor and Dominique own a luxury transportation company in Phoenix so that picture was important to Victor.

The wedding was in the exact same location as Scott and Angela's wedding McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale, just a year later. Thank you to you both for choosing me to photograph your amazing wedding. I hope you will enjoy your photos for years to come!

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