Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~Candie~ Maternity Session

Candie and I have been friends since meeting each other sometime during Middle School. We'd kinda talked about my doing some maternity pictures for her a few months ago. Well, Candie is pretty much due anyday now, so last week I told her if we are going to do some we best get them done before little baby Kellen decides to join us here in the real world.

Kellen is Candie and her husband Ryan's 3rd and final baby so I wanted to make sure that Candie had pictures of herself pregnant. Kaden and Kohen, Candie & Ryan's boys also joined us on the shoot and how could I not take a few pictures of them too?!?! They are just as sweet as can be and definitley boys, they loved climbing and running and checking out everything in the library gardens where we took these pictures. Candie, you look stunning and I am excited (although probably not as excited as you and your boys) to meet baby Kellen!


Candie said...

They turned out awesome!!! Can't wait to print them out! I guess you can make a fatty look beautiful!!!
Haaaa Haaaaa Like I said MAGIC!!! :-)

The Murphy Family said...

What a beautiful Mama! Great job KariAnne!

Alysia said...

Beautiful... Where are the belly shots? ;-)