Thursday, August 6, 2009

~Mr. Cute Alert~ Gage is 3 months!

Mr. Cute is 3 months old! He's smiling and starting to roll around. He's a talker too jabbering all the time and man does this kid drool! He's constantly drooling, that doesn't stop him from being my Mr. Cute though. Got some fantastic shots, I bet you would never be able to guess how much his big sister loves him, and the last one...yeah, I still can't stop laughing. A classic for sure. If its any indication of the future, Kasi and Mike are going to have their hands full with Mr. Cute as he transforms into, Mr. I'll tell you exactly what I think!

F*$% you Aunt Kari, I've had enough and I'm done with this modeling crap.

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Candie said...

As usual those are great pictures!!! :-)