Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dirty White Dress

This was my first attempt at a 'Trash the Dress' approach to my photography. I've been wanting to do it but never had anyone ready to run around in the weeds in their dress. It came up between Angee and I one day and she was more than willing so here are her amazing pictures. I think her husband will be surprised by his birthday present this year!

As a rule of thumb when going to remote locations...never quite trust the directions on Google. Be prepared to stop and ask random strangers where the hell you are and how to get where you're going. Angee learned this the hard way but still made it only about 15 minutes later than we'd planned. The worst part about bad directions in the middle of nowhere...no cell service!

Angee and I met a new friend, Lauren. She is a local farmer and stopped to say hi and told us a little about the little old schoolhouse's history. Its in what used to be a small rural town called Clyde, Washington. Clyde is now the run down schoolhouse damaged by fire in the 1970's, a handful of grain silos, a firehouse and one resident she refered to as 'Good Ol' Todd.' How how I love the comradarie of farm life.


Toni said...

Absoutely beautiful photography. Nice work

Carla said...

I saw the one Angee blew up for D. Nice to see them all here, Great work!